Have you ever heard of an operating system? Well it's a program that runs all the STUFF on your computer. My friend and I have been working on an operating system called New Operating System (NOS) . NOS has been tested on Windows 2000, Windows Xp, and Windows Vista. It might also be available for Mac OS Tiger, Mac OS X Leopard, and Windows 7. NOS version 1.0 will be on the market in September, 2010. Version 1.5 and version 2.0 coming soon!!!!
Please visit our website at for more information. Please email to reserve a copy of NOS. You can only reserve it untill May 30, 2010! The price of NOS 1.0 is $20.00. We might be able to send you NOS by July 15, 2010
Note: NOS is availible in 2 languages. English and Hindi.
Note: May also be availible in French.
आपरेटिंग.exe (Operating.exe) is going to go on the market in 2011.
Future: Episode 1 the Space Station and Meteor!
This episode consists of the introduction of the year 7864 when human technology has greatly advanced. It shows the Space Battle between Planet C123 and the ISS (International Space Station)

Availible in English and Telugu.

Here are the instructions to my new paper airplane:Spearhead©. The blue-green lines are the areas where you need to fold. The areas where the lines are light gray is where the paper is already folded. The new airplane Legend® is coming out!!! The blueprints have to be loaded to the computer. Legend™ ®© is copyrighted, no one may copy it and create a new airplane using it.